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    As a boutique publishing house, MENDO creates thoughtfully-designed books with content that teases the senses. We prefer quality over quantity, so each year we create a limited number of books—offering fresh stimuli, perspectives, novel and inspiration. From rock and roll interiors to queer photography; all of our books were created with curiosity in mind. We’ve even created our very own award-winning book stand to proudly showcase your latest read.

    So, what are the key ingredients we look for in a MENDO publication? First and foremost we seek a grip factor. We then ask ourselves: do we see the potential to create a visually inspiring and conceptually sound book? It's equally important for us to work with collaborators who share the same ethos, as we believe in partnering with like-minded people. Lastly, we look at the commercial potential and viability of the title—always within the space of editorial integrity. After all, a book has no stage without an audience.


    Books in commission

    More than just products, our books are vessels of inspiration. They carry new ideas, thoughts, and imagery—opening doors to new, unexplored universes. In creating privately commissioned books with—and for—companies, we help translate their grand narrative, content and heritage into a beautiful, tactile experience. From concept blurb to book launch, we manage every aspect, including press releases and proof prints.

    Whether these books are intended for a milestone celebration, an addition to their media mix or a storytelling vehicle: we consider each commission unique, working with bespoke teams. Drawing from our vast network of collaborators, creatives and experiences in print, we create stunning one-off brand encounters that can be touched and cherished—for budgets great and small.


    Books in Partnership

    There’s so much more you can achieve together. Co-creation lies at the base of what we do, and we enjoy partnering up with parties that want to publish with us on a joint venture basis. From fellow publishers to creatives, brands and agencies: we work with partners of all sizes to create eye-teasing and pleasing books.   

    If you're interested in commissioning MENDO for a custom book or partnering on a co-branded project, please reach out to us.