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    Our lives are dominated by screens, and constantly changing, but some things are timeless—like beautiful books. There's nothing more intimate and soothing than the smell of paper and the whispering of pages being turned. Books hold the power to transform us, and through us, our world. By virtue of compelling images and striking words they unlock our creativity, shape our sense of identity and perpetuate legacies.

    In our universe of printed matter, style meets substance. MENDO's vibrant array of titles tease the senses, approaching physical books as inspiring collectibles and lasting objects of beauty. Offering the finest and freshest in fashion, art, design, culture, lifestyle, photography and everything in between—for readers in search of authenticity and inspiration.


    For more than two decades, we have been operating as a publishing house and destination for beautiful books. We are selective in our publishing choices, focusing on quality-driven titles that bring tactile joy and wonder. In bringing them to life, we collaborate closely with brands and creatives, offering them bespoke editorial support. From publications to collector’s editions, we cater to readers in search of authenticity and inspiration, offering the finest in art, architecture, fashion, photography, gastronomy, lifestyle, interior, design and beyond.