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    B2B services

    Beautiful books are like gems, hiding in plain sight. Whether in a shop, a lobby, a hotel room, at a conference, or wrapped with a bow on a colleague's table—they're always a gift.

    Corporate & seasonal gifting

    If you’re looking for a Christmas present for your team, a thank-you gift for that appreciated business relation, or a standardized morale booster for the entire company—we've got you covered. Whether it’s a one-time personalized gift or something on a recurring basis, we can assist you in finding the best book at the right price—and we’re happy to wrap it for you or include a personal message.


    Building a library

    — For hotels, offices and more

    Whether you are setting up a new office, building a new hotel, or looking for a complete makeover of your workspace—MENDO helps you to build a complete library with the best titles from internationally renowned publishers. Libraries of all sizes, themes and subjects can be made, and when they’re dated, we’ll be happy to revamp them with new titles.


    Reselling MENDO titles

    — For book shops, concept stores and retail

    If you're operating a book or concept store and are keen to expand your collection, we can help you choose MENDO-made titles that fit like a glove. Our books transcend seasonality, and based on your niche, region, theme or other in-stock brands and titles, we'll help you find the best titles available. We offer the very best in photography, fashion, travel, creativity and more—so there’ll surely be something that fits your store and its customers perfectly.