Last year, we went through some complex changes. We wanted to take a moment to explain some of the challenges that we have been facing, as we reflect and look to turn a corner and make plans for the future of MENDO.

We’re rebuilding from a boutique approach, focusing solely on creating unique, tantalizing books—for the moment online-only. We’re embracing slow publishing—prioritizing quality and attention to detail over quantity and speed. 

We have created dedicated questions on our new website for anyone that has been affected by these changes, which can be found via our FAQ.

Our brand and mission remain unchanged as we continue to share with the world our passion for books that tease the senses, and never cease to inspire. With a renewed focus, we continue to work on captivating new titles—that are just around the corner.

Thank you for believing in us and sticking by our side.

With our very best wishes,