Styling your coffee table books in an ever-changing interior can be somewhat overwhelming. In this journal series, we're sharing styling cues from friends in design, to help notch up your space—and to give your books the spotlight they deserve. First up: our friends at The Loft, also known as Enter The Loft.

As an interior design agency and boutique, The Loft has been turning heads with their balanced decors and pared-back styles. For more than ten years, they've been mastering the art minimalist living, through thoughtfully-curated products and bespoke interior design projects. They create environments that are both inviting and homely, by fusing natural materials with subtle shades, complemented by iconic furniture and objects that inspire.

The Loft’s in-house styling talent, Jaimy Pieneman, shared three tips with us on how to strategically place your books to prevent them from looking cluttered, while maintaining harmony and respecting the materiality within your space. With our latest publication, ODE, stealing the show.

1. Stack your books with a maximum of three. Opt for different sizes—two of the same size at the bottom with a smaller one on top, or three varying sizes from large to small. If you prefer to lay the book open on your (coffee) table, use a book stand or ensure it has ample space to draw attention. For a finishing touch, add a vase or two candle holders next to it.

2. If you want to place the book upright on a bookshelf, position items beside it that are either larger or smaller to create visual interest, like a brewing pot or a candle holder.

3. When stacking books on a shelf, keep the rest of the shelf clear and enhance the stack with a portable lamp, an abstract sculpture, or a small vase.

4. Balance different materials and items. For example, if you have a larger vase in a dark color or with a rough texture, pair it with glassware or light-colored items. Avoid overcrowding and play with varying heights for an appealing arrangement.

You can keep tabs on The Loft via Instagram or shop their covetable products via their online boutique

Photography by Adriënne Verburg, all images taken at The Loft's showroom on Frederiksplein 45, Amsterdam.