Nalden's pick

Nalden digs books. That, plus he's the co-founder of WeTransferPresentPlus. Celebrates creativity with Artists & Algorists and loves to awaken possibilities in other people.

The Mr Porter Paperback
Mr Porter tells you about all the proper basics for men in fashion. A nice to have when you’re shopping epic books at MENDO, because like books, you’re always judged on how you look hahaha. Seriously, Mr Porter knows what’s up.  

Before They Pass Away
Jimmy Nelson
I had the pleasure of meeting Jimmy Nelson on a recent trip to Ibiza. Coincidentally a mutual friend introduced us and Jimmy showed me his book that just got off the press. It’s an amazing time-document of the lives and traditions of the last surviving tribes in the world. The stories are stunning, but the photos are ama-zing. Seriously. This is on some next level shit!  

Designing News
Francesco Franchi
Sure, you could buy the Monocle Guide To Better Living, but reading the magazine every month will keep you in the loop. Instead, learn how the media landscape is changing with the speed of light. Designer Francesco Franchi is here to share his experience with you about fundamental changers that are taking place in todays digital society. Kind of fun to read this in an ‘old-school’ book right?!

Monica Bellucci
I'm fascinated by Monica Bellucci. It's the kind of beauty I can't put my finger on. She isn't a really good actress or amazing model, but she IS one of a kind. Ever since her role in Irreversible (by Gaspar Noé) I've been fascinated by her. And with such a name you should too. I mean, Monica Bellucci. That's just straight up visual porn, right?!

Anton Corbijn
Star Trak
Just recently I was photographed by Anton Corbijn for a Nike campaign. It was such an honor and Anton really is one of the best photographers out there. Still shooting analog and a real peaceful dude with a lot of humor. Browsing Star Trak I feel even more blessed realizing which people he shot before. I mean, Frank Sinatra! Jeff Koons. And the list goes on & on.

Formula One
World Champions
I'm not a huge F1 fan, but I love Ayrton Senna. Dude is a legend. Still the best driver our world has known till date. I also love driving. Anything with cars is awesome hahaha. How F1 plays a massive part for innovation on technology and safety is just bananas! This book celebrates the heroes who can fly these jets on wheels. Respect!

If you're not familiar with Kaws, please go online and google your homework. Dude is a legend embraced by the global art culture, music culture AND digital culture. Starting with graffiti he's now one of the new faces in fine art. With a digital touch. I love both digital and art, so Kaws embodies this like no other.

Marc Lagrange
I've been a fan of the Belgian photographer for a few years now. Marc Lagrange's XXML has bundled his best work from the last 20 years which is absolutely stunning. I featured some of it on my blog and when I'm all grown up, I'll frame one of his photos for on the wall of my house.

The Story Of Eames Furniture
I love Eames. Period. I have a few pieces of Eames furniture at home (the Rocking Armchair Rod Base is my favorite) and I got really excited about this upcoming documentary about Ray & Charles. Then I found out about this book which is practically the Eames bible. Everything is in here. A must have!