Joost's favorites

Joost is founder and one of the three owners of MENDO. Here's his pick of favorites. 
The Atlas for Today 
Graphic designers are going to love this, just like infographic fanatics - and there are many of them out there. But also, it is interesting because by combining all these infographics, something new emerges: an atlas of the world today. That's just... brilliant.
Let me see, how shall I put this in words. Let's say it's got the perfect pinch of voyeurism.
Roman & Williams Buildings and Interiors
I believe this is what current creativity is all about. Two guys, started in an entirely different industy (the movies) who completely rock the interior design world today. An incredible story and a wonderful signature in interior design. You will agree that their work is staged as can be, but in a credible way.
Inez Van Lamsweerde & Vinoodh Matadin
Although it is quite modest in terms of size, the collector's edition of Pretty Much Everything is undoubtedly my favorite collector's edition. Every single picture is miraculously sharp and brilliant. The fact that Taschen has turned this into a regular trade edition now, is an initiative I can only embrace.
Couture Patrick Demarchelier
What this guy Patrick Demarchelier does is just amazing. There’s such a beautiful balance in his pictures. Not only does he get the utmost out of his models, he also does full justice to the product. That takes a lot of practice and experience. This book basically combines the best in fashion with the best in photography. Like Jeff Koons says: “The perfect marriage”.
Contemporary Collage In Modern Art
Whether it is sketching, drawing, knitting or making collages - it's that element of handicraft that I love. Add to that, that this is a good oldfashioned Gestalten publication and we're off: great content, superb cover, must-have.
A tiny little book that completely makes sense. Great chefs, manly receipes, tunning photography, in a way that it makes your mouth water and a super fair price. That makes it a gift - both literally and in a way of speeking.
I like books for a couple of reasons: I want to be amazed / surprised / entertained, either by the beauty and quality of it, or by the joy it reflects. This particular book is an example of a beautifully executed idea. Art found in cartoons, presented in a perfectly sized edition - partially limited as well. Therefore it is not only a cool idea but also pretty much perfect execution. Big words for such a tiny book, ey? 
Sure, I can appreciate the fact that a shoe brand can conquer the world just with its red soles, but I must admit that it's not so much the content that attracts me in this particular publication. To me it's all about the fabric and quality of the cover and the weight of the book. That doesn't really stand out on these JPEG's and that is exactly why I love books so much. It's a tactile experience much rather than a visual one.
Fairways Of The World
The book next to me on my desk over at MENDO is reminding me all day of where I’m not - Golf Courses Fairways Of The World. This book is the ultimate list of courses you would want to play, but probably never will. Since I’m already confessing and stuff; I’ve got two cats and they are called Chip and Birdie. I am afraid this is not a joke.
This is the most obvious book to select. Thing is that I simply have no choice, because this book contains my favorite photograph ever: Helena Christensen by Anton Corbijn has it all. I'm not even going to explain it - just come over and have a look.
Ellen von Unwert
When we first got this book I sort of disliked it. That title, the photographer’s name, the first impression of the pictures. But it’s been growing on me – from repulsive to attractive. The book is actually much friendlier and sexier than I thought. Plus it weighs more than any book of that size and the back cover is the best one we have.