Joeri's favorites

Joeri is one of the three owners of MENDO. Below a selection of his favorite books.

Gotham City
Even though it is not available at the moment, this book is definitely one of my all-time favorites. I love the photography and the mystic mood of the city the way it has been portrayed by Luca Campigotti. The lights, the atmosphere and the fact that the city appears to be abandoned, I like it. Solid book!

More by Rankin
If you ask me, this is the best book of 2013. Although he is not the biggest name in The Netherlands - yet - Rankin is a pretty important one in the world of photography. A few years ago we had his first books here at MENDO and we weren't really impressed. This one, though, is impressive. That starts with the size and the quality of the book itself, and that is emphasized by the strength of the photography - both fashion and portraits. It's about time mister Rankin gets an exhibition at FOAM.

Gregory Crewdson
I'm not exaggerating if I say I have been looking forward to this Rizzoli publication on Gregory Crewdson. Personally, I believe Crewdson is the best photographer - or even artist - of our time. His previous publication was already one of my favorites, but this one - thick as a brick - is to die for. I love Crewdson's detailed and dedicated way of working. His scenes are dark and desolate, but very appealing at the same time. I'd love to see an exhibition some day, because I can only start to imagine the impact of large format Crewdson photographs. 

The Kinfolk Table
I like cooking, but I'm not a big fan of cooking according to a recipe. The Kinfolk Table is the first book that makes me want to cook each and every recipe. Apart from the recipes, it is also a seriously tasteful book, just like the magazine. In short: The Kinfolk Table was made as a book for your kitchen, but it garnishes your coffee table just as easy.

Eating At Hotel Il Pelicano
This is a book that makes me happy. If I'm honest, I never really liked Juergen Teller photography. And the way he has photographed the food from Hotel Il Pelicano, is not directly what I would call good taste. Actually, it is almost an insult to the chef. It sure doesn't feed your appetite, but it does make you smile. In terms of color, typography and image, the cover may very well be the best of the moment.

Kate: The Kate Moss book
Kate Moss stars in numerous books at MENDO. I believe the 'Featuring Kate Moss' shelf count over 50 books. And yet, I'm still not fed-up with her. This Rizzoli book shows her extraordinary beauty and her many different faces. Kate: The Kate Moss book was a MENDO classic the day it was published. Buying it is a no-brainer. The only hassle is to choose from the 8 different covers.

The Little Black Jacket
Sometimes it doesn't even take more than the fabric to make a book special. The Little Black Jacket is the perfect example. The book has a touch of the appearance of the ultimate classic - Tom Ford. But as soon as you take the book out of its slipcase, the unique character of the book unveils itself. For the outside, Kagerfeld & Co chose a relief type of material and the paper for the inside is of the blackest kind you can imagine. And yet, the black and white images are extremely vibrant. The execution alone is more than enough reason to really, really want this book. 

Bill Gold
Bill Gold is the living legend. Like Clint Eastwood said: “The first image you have of many of your favorite films is probably a Bill Gold creation.” This book is very special, not only because it is one of the few limit editions on graphic design, but also because it features so many of the unseen works and sketches he has made for numerous classic blockbuster movies. To me, they are just pieces of art. And that’s what I love about this limited edition - it comes with six poster prints, and I actually have those hanging on my wall.

Büro Destruct III
Ask my colleagues they will state I’m still the intern, so they will be surprised to learn I’ve matured enough to speak about ‘fond memories’. Büro Destruct is one of those memories. It is the design agency that rocked back in the days when I was at the Willem de Kooning academy. Meanwhile things have changed and graphic design has evolved so much, Büro Destruct is no longer that one of a kind mind-blowing agency at the top, but still I anxiously await every one of their new publications. And I guess that will never change.

David Lachapelle
Artists & Prostitutes
Back in 2006 when I bought David Lachapelle’s limited edition in pre-order for € 1,250.00 it was the most excessive purchase in my life. I bought it because I loved the book, plus I had a hunch that it could be a good investment. Turns out, it is a fantastic investment - but a lousy one at the same time. Today the book is worth over € 4,000.00 but... I don’t want to sell it anymore. Then again, I don’t want to open the box either because it will lose much of its value. So here I am, looking at a cardboard box that is worth 4K.