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Our story

"Visual beauty and inspiration in books. We were always searching for it, but satisfying our needs wasn't easy. So we built ourselves MENDO - the coolest bookstore for visual beauty and inspiration..."

- Roy Rietstap, co-founder of MENDO


Welcome to MENDO

MENDO is a candy store for book aficionados. Both online and offline we are dedicated to sharing our love for beautiful books. From the hundreds and thousands of books that are being published every year, we select what we believe are the greatest books. We curate on very specific categories: fashion, photography, interior, traveling, food and graphic design. Our books can be found online, in our store in Amsterdam and in our shop-in-shops. 

Our history

MENDO was founded in 2002. Our mission: to be the coolest bookstore for visual beauty and inspiration. We're getting there, step by step. Both the physical and online store are frequented by book lovers around the globe. Led by its founders, Roy Rietstap, Joeri Worm and Joost Albronda, MENDO has become the home-base for inspirational and creative books on fashion, photography, architecture, interior, graphic design, food and lifestyle. MENDO derives its existence to three strong pillars, being a well-balanced selection of creative books, a personal approach and a stunning environment. 

"They call me if something special is published.
That's personal service."

- Piet Boon, Founder of Piet Boon Studio 

The store in Amsterdam

For the design of our store in Amsterdam we contacted Concrete Architectural Associates. They came up with a simple, but brilliant idea. A bookstore, made from books. The walls are not made of bricks, but of thousands of black MENDO books. The intimacy of the scenery, combined with the stunning publications by some of the best publishers in the world, makes MENDO without a doubt one of the most unique and inspiring stores in the Netherlands.

On Facebook Lieke once said: “MENDO equals book porn”. We couldn’t agree more, and you probably can’t either. MENDO is located in the Berenstraat, one of the 9 Streets in the heart of Amsterdam.

An award-winning webstore

In line with the physical store in Amsterdam, we wanted the online store to be an inspirational and visual experience. We have succeeded - and this is not just random backslapping. It is what we learn from the Dutch Design Awards jury report. We quote: "The shop experience has now been translated on a website that redefines the online bookshop genre. The design matches the genre of books on offer and provides a real opportunity to discover the books. That makes MENDO a game changer in the sector." **Blush**.


Roy Rietstap

is an entrepreneur at heart. Roy became partner at advertising agency J&W, the agency he later would take over. Consequently Roy established what he promised as an utterly determined 15-year old, when he claimed to become the owner of an advertising agency. After years of growth, with larger clients, bigger assignments and more personnel Roy turned his back on traditional advertising by founding MENDO, a candy store for book aficonados.

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Joeri Worm

has a strong background in graphic design. After graduating at the acclaimed Willem de Kooning Academy in Rotterdam, Joeri joined the group that started MENDO and began his career as art director. Over the past 5 years Joeri became an indispensable force at MENDO. At the same time MENDO turned out to be the suitable platform to develop himself, creating his own graphic signature. As a consequence, in 2006 when he got the opportunity to become co-owner at MENDO, he took it. Together with Roy and Joost he is currently working on the evolution of both the bookstore and MENDO's book creation activities.

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Joost Albronda

decided to further educate himself in practice after having dropped out of two academic studies. In 1996 Joost started as a copywriter at advertising agency J&W, the agency that was only just owned by Roy Rietstap. Ever since Joost has expanded his personal creativeness by becoming graphic designer and creative director. As founder and co-owner of MENDO he is currently exploring and expanding the creative boundaries of MENDO bookstore and developing MENDO's book creation department.

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